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Fri, Sep 06, 19



Ask this Question…Do you have a healthy balanced diet? Are you actually getting enough vitamins in your body to support healthy Skin, body and mind. 

Today we are talking supplements and the power they have within our bodies. Why fueling your body with the right nutrients, minerals and clean clinical vitamins is so important?

Essential Vitamins help boost your immunity, strengthen your bones, heal wounds, strengthen your eyesight and assist you in obtaining energy from food, among multiple other functions as well as so many skin benefits. Without adequate vitamin intake you may feel low in energy, be more vulnerable to infections and other complications that can danger your health and life such as heart disease cancer and osteoporosis. Eg If your body is lacking Vitamin C your body won’t produce collagen, and we all know how important that is.

Taking care of your skin should be an essential part of your health routine or as we like to call it…clean living for skin and wellbeing. Making sure you get enough vitamins can keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

The idea of a skin supplement is to support healthy skin and help enhance your overall wellbeing. These specially formulated vitamin supplements combine premium ingredients to maintain skin health, target skin concerns and maintain results from your professional skin treatments such as facials. For us therapists, feeding skin from the inside will become the first step in every successful skincare regime.

Getting skin treatments and taking supplements

Many of our client’s concerns are ageing, acne, dull tired skin. By taking just one supplement a day you can Stimulate collagen, hydrate skin, brighten your complexion, reduce the about of oil your skin produces, balance hormones and so much more, and that’s just by taking a supplement so can you imagine what results you can achieve by doing both professional treatments and supplements. Not only do supplements do so much for our skin but they assist with the healing process when doing the advanced treatments such as Microneedling, vascular and pigmentation removal. The down time is a lot quicker when someone is for instance taking oral vitamin C and A. 

Everyone is different, if you are a smoker you will need Vitamin C, If you suffer from breakouts and oil you will need vitamin A, If you suffer from dry skin you need skin omegas. So as you can see there is something for everyone, if you are having trouble sleeping you will need our Hush & Hush Mind your mind.

We are stockists of Advance Nutrition Program and The New supplement range Hush & Hush. Please don’t hesitate to pop in store for more information about taking supplements specific for you.