Shopping Irish? Check Out our Top Skincare Picks From Our Irish Brands
Tue, Aug 10, 21

Shopping Irish? Check Out our Top Skincare Picks From Our Irish Brands

How is it that products usually tend to run out at the same time? You discover you’re in need of a new serum, and suddenly your SPF, cleanser and eye cream are empty too. It’s not great, but the one thing it can give us is the opportunity to try out some gorgeous new products.

While we have a wide range of skincare products here at Millies, some of our top picks are Irish made and owned. If you’re ready to upgrade your skincare routine, here are just some of our top picks, from our favourite Irish skincare brands! Happy shopping!


Pestle & Mortar

If you haven’t yet tried anything by Pestle & Mortar, get ready to really up the ante when it comes to skincare. Setting out to make ​​skincare products that are simple and effective, Pestle & Mortar combine high performance active ingredients with nourishing natural extracts, harnessing the powers of both science and nature.

There’s plenty of items to choose from, but if you’re really not sure where to start, we’d recommend the Superstar Night OilWith two types of Retinoid, it fights the visible signs of aging by helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and evens the skin’s texture and tone all while you sleep. A wonder product that deserves a place in everyone’s skincare routine. Shop it here.



If you’ve heard the story behind Seavite, you’ll already know why it’s a firm favourite here at Millies. In the 1980s, marine scientist Patrick Mulrooney, wondered how to manage his daughters’ eczema. He saw how the ocean soothed his daughter’s skin, and set to bottle its magic. Now, his daughters Katherine and Jane have built Seavite into the incredible brand it is today.

For those who tend to opt for a gentle, nourishing cleanser, you’ll love the Seavite Super Nutrient Comfort Cleanser. Working to detoxify the skin and remove all traces of makeup, along with maintaining the natural barrier of the skin, it leaves the skin super soft and nourished. Shop here.


Skin Formulas

Are you ready to see a difference in your skin? Maybe you want it to be visibly smoother, brighter and firmer? That’s exactly what Skin Formulas believe products should do, and make their high performance active formulations in order to respect the skin and deliver fast effective results.

Rather than trying to decide which products to go for, Skin Formulas offer their Luxurious Essentials Set, for both Normal to Dry Skin, and Normal to Oily Skin. The Luxurious Essentials Set contains their specialised cleanser, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, night cream and an eye cream. Shop here.



Codex pride themselves on skin-loving products formulated with a range of organic ingredients, to put the plant-power back into your hands. Each product is packed with natural ingredients for  clinically proven, meaningful skincare benefits, along with their very own recycling programs to minimise ocean plastic.

Not sure where to start? Here at Millies, we can’t get enough of the Codex BIA Hydrating Skin Superfood Cream. An ultra-hydrating and deeply nourishing cream for the face, hands and body, it provides all-day moisture, protects the skin's barrier, and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin texture. Shop here.



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