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YonKa Essential White Solution Clarte.

YonKa Essential White Solution Clarte.

One Size

Known as a "facial peel in a bottle" this potent exfoliating fluid is your first step to a bright and velvety complexion free from dark spots. Essential White Solution Clarte's formula features a triple-acid synergy of dermatological acids including glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids while Prickly Pear Extract works with the acids and boosts the skin’s ability to dissolve dead skin cells.

Pigmentation is corrected when the mélanogensis process is controlled while the skins deeper cells are soothed and hydrated. This gives a brighter, smoother totally renewed skin. Best results are achieved while using the complete Yonka ESSENTIAL WHITE Regime.  

Proven Clinical Results:
• The Exfoliation of Skin Cells Was Improved by +20%
• Both the clarity and evenness of the complexion was improved by +66%

How to use:

  • After cleansing and toning with your prescribed Yonka Cleanser and Toner, massage into the face and neck morning and evening.
  • Can also be used on any areas of concentrated pigmentation.
  • Always ensure to use at least SPF25 everyday whilst using this product as the skin can be left open to UV damage when using a skin resurfacing product such as SOLUTION CLARTE.
  • Clients with a sensitive skin should only use this product once a day in the evening.

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