Fri, Feb 20, 15

Bare Minerals New Mineralixirs Range. Your winter skin saver... Review

I recently tested out the New Bare Minerals Mineralixirs range and wanted to let you all know what i thought. It turned out to be a real Winter Skin Saver....
The first product I tried was the Mineralixers Facial Oil Cleanser. It contains plant derived oils and a skin enhancing mineral complex to nourish and gently clean while maintaining your skins natural moisture balance. It is also fragrance free, paraben free and contains no artificial oils. I pumped 3 pumps of the product into the palm of my hand and massaged the oil onto dry skin and gently over my eyes. I then wet the tips of my fingers with warm water and massaged again turning the product into a milky texture which lifted everything off my skin. I then removed everything with a warm wash cloth. The product feels really rich on the skin and you can really see how nourishing it would be with regular use.
Next to be tried and tested was the Bare Minerals Mineralixirs 5 Oil Blend. Again, this product is also fragrance free, paraben free and contains no artificial oils. It contains rose hip oil, apricot seed oil and sunflower seed oil to name but a few of the luxurious botanical oils in this product - each specifically chosen for their anti-aging properties (always a plus!) This one is a real treat for the skin. I used about 5 drops to cover my face as it spreads quite easily. It didnt feel greasy or too heavy at all which is something I love in a serum. It feels luxurious and immediately my skin felt nourished and hydrated - exactly what I needed!
Last but not least, the Bare Minerals Mineralixirs Eye Nourishing Oil Balm. This is a solid  balm containing oils and minerals. It is designed to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. It leaves the skin around the eyes looking brighter and smoother. I loved this product also. Although my eye area wouldn't be my main area of concern at the moment I would definitely continue using this as a preventative product as the way your skin feels when you wake up in the morning is too nice to give up!
All in all, 3 beautiful products that I would highly recommend to everybody - it is suitable for all skin types and even a sensitive skin type.