Fri, Mar 13, 15

3 Professional Tips what will make your Blowdry Last Longer

Nothing, I mean NOTHING makes us women feels as instantly fabulous as an incredible Blowdry. There’s just something about it that gives us instant confidence and lets us feel like we can take on anything.  And 9/10 of us by day two …….well we feel that fabulousness slipping away, our hair begins to fall and so does our spirits. And by day three ….. if you've even lasted to day three you are a lucky one. So by day three, the sad truth is, it’s time to was that fabulousness right and brave it going on your own.


Luckily, our Senior Stylists at Millies knows all too well the importance of reaping the long term benefits of a Professional Blowdry and how important it is to preserve it.


Here are our day to day tips to getting as long out of your one day style to a weeklong affair.


Day 1. Professional Blowdry (at Millies Hair Emporium, of course)


Day 2. Use a dry shampoo to keep unwashed hair from getting oily, shake well and spray evenly through the hair, make sure to not over use on day 2. 

Brilliant products to try: Redken’s Pillow Proof or Kerastase Power Bluff



Day 3. Rub a very small amount of Redken All Soft Argan Oil or Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime  onto the bristles of a small round brush and brush through the surface of the hair to smooth flyaway hair and bring back the softness and shine. If needed, use your styling iron to give your style that fresh ready to go look. Congratulations you have survived your 3 Day Professional Blowdry.

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