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Antioxidants vs Free radicals

We hear a lot about free radical damage causing the skin to sag, wrinkle, lose its elasticity and appear patchy and age spotted eventually. How does it happen?

First of all, let me explain what free radicals are.

A bit of a chemistry lesson so. A free radical is any atom or molecule that is missing an electron in its outer shell. This free radical will do everything to attack and destroy other healthy atoms to get the electron that it’s missing. These free radicals accumulate in our skin and cause a lot of damage, such as damage to our collagen, in turn causing our skin to age quicker. In order to slow down this process as much as possible, we need to provide a lot of antioxidants in our skin care and diet. Antioxidants are little fighters that neutralise free radicals. They help remove them and prevent all that ageing damage from happening. The bad news is that antioxidants are very fragile and become oxidised during that process, which means we need to restock on them constantly. Antioxidants come in different shapes or forms and there’s many ways to supply your body with them.

How do we ensure there’s enough antioxidants in our life? It’s easy. Through skincare, supplements and diet.

Skincare containing antioxidants protects the skin and promotes building more collagen to repair the damage that has already been done.

Where to get your antioxidant fill?


Increase your fruit and veg intake. Spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, blueberries and apples are the best. Out of nut family, walnuts are also known for the highest amounts of antioxidants.


We don’t always eat right. Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Antioxidant is formulated with seven super plant nutrients. Plants need antioxidants to protect them from damaging UV rays just like your skin and this supplement safeguards your skin from the inside out keeping it looking younger for longer.


Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum

This silky, ultra hydrating botanical serum got infused with organic Japanese green tea, Aloe Vera and a copper-complex peptide to give your skin maximum protection against free radical damage as well as providing skin quenching benefits. Its active ingredients continuously balance your skin from within and lastingly restore its ideal moisture level leaving your skin intensely hydrated with a healthy glow.

Image Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant A C E Serum

This serum essence is a powerful blend of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, green tea and Echinacea extracts to reduce the signs of aging and protect it from fine lines and dryness. Bearberry extract helps skin look more radiant while five amino acids support your skin’s collagen, and red rose wine complex fights visible signs of aging. This serum is great for everyday use to visibly reduce the signs of aging, support collagen, and provide daily antioxidant defense.

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

This refreshing antioxidant toner creates a hydrating, antioxidant shield over skin to help reduce fine dryness lines and prevent the signs of ageing. Reapply over clean skin before or after moisturiser and/or over makeup during the day to top up your antioxidant protection as the day goes on.

Environ Antioxidant Gel

Light-weight water-based gel rich in vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and other nutrients is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins as well as hormonal skins. It intensely hydrates and soothes the skin while helping to protect it against harmful free radicals with a highly concentrated complex of antioxidants.