Brand of the Month: Environ & Why we love it!
Thu, Jul 08, 21

Brand of the Month: Environ & Why we love it!

Say Hello To Our Brand Of The Month: Environ Skincare

If you’re struggling with your skincare, whether that be if you’re not achieving the results that you wish, or you’re unsure of what your skin may need or want, Environ is the brand for you.

The beloved skincare range started in 1990 and since then, it has rapidly grown into a skincare must-have in over 65 countries.

With every skincare product you may need, such as cleaners, toners, masks, serums and eye gels, Environ has the perfect regime for anyone and everyone.

Why Is It Adored So Much?

Environ is loved by so many people for one simple reason: it’s personalised to your skin’s needs to ensure it works for you. Due to the active nature of the ingredients within the Environ range, a consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin, which means you get exactly what your skin needs, rather than guessing what products you should be using. We can organise a personal skincare routine just for you!

Usually, ckin can be categorised into four types; dry, oily, normal and combination. It can also be in between these categories, which is then classed as combination skin. But rather than generalising your skin, everything is done on a one to one basis.

No matter if you are targeting sensitive, dry, ageing, oily, blemish-prone skin or even pigmentation, a dose of Vitamin A could be the answer to achieving normal skin.

What’s The Step Up System?

The Environ range works as a step-up system so everyone, unless you are very oily/acne-prone or very sensitive, will start on AVST 1 as your day and night moisturiser, with SPF over your AVST during the daytime.

When you have used up 2 bottles of AVST 1 you will then move up to AVST2 and so on.

By introducing selected products within the range there are 12 steps and as you work your way up through these steps the level of Vitamins A, C & E increases with each level so you are always progressing with your skincare and not just staying at the same level.



How Do I Start My Environ Journey?

Our trained experts will assess you to see what product will be the best first step in helping you achieve normal skin. Then you will start using products with a smaller amount of Vitamin A, and build this up over time.

Your video consultation can be done through whatever channel suits you best: Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. This ensures you can easily access a consultation from wherever you are. To begin your Environ journey, you can pop us a message using our online form here.

The Best Part?

As Environ is our brand of the month for July, we’re celebrating with an exclusive bundle package! This value bundle worth €204.95 includes different products with a complimentary Environ Suncare RAD SPF15. This is the perfect bundle to incorporate into your skincare routine to ensure radiant, glowing skin! All for the special price of €175.

Check it out here.