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Discover Image Skincare Ranges with Skin Expert Edele
Tue, Jun 13, 23

Discover Image Skincare Ranges with Skin Expert Edele

Happy 20th Birthday to Image Skincare!

We at Millies are extremely proud to work alongside and stock Image Skincare. It is a privilege to use Image Professional in the skin clinic while also then being able to build and recommend a bespoke homecare routine for our clients to continue to use at home.

Did you know that Image Skincare was founded by Jana Ronert, a skincare therapist who wanted to create a line of products she believed was not yet available. Following years of experience with various skin types concerns she founded Image along with her husband Mark Ronert (a renowned plastic surgeon) that joined and mirrored Jana's drive to develop clinical, high performance products that constantly strive to push and improve clinical skincare. Clean, uncomplicated and results driven.

The first product Jana created was the now infamous Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum, it's her self-confessed 'Can't live without' product and remains one of the brands best-selling products.

Within the Image Brand there are different 'lines' or 'families'. We as therapists recommend products from the different ranges to compliment our clients needs when it comes to creating the healthiest skin possible for them. 

Image Vital C Collection

Vital C products are formulated for dry, dull and stressed skin. The stable Vitamin C in this family means it is a high performing anti-oxidant that stimulates collagen and elastin while fighting free radicals that break down the and attack the skin. This range contains masks, serums, moisturisers as well as hand and body lotion.

My Fave: Vital C Water Burst

The Ormedic Range

Contains Organic ingredients such as organic aloe vera, antioxidants green tea as well as peptides for anti-aging. Ideal for unbalanced, sensitive, inflamed skin that still wants anti-aging properties

My Fave: Ormedic Eye Lift  

The Iluma Range

Brightens and Illuminates the skin. Products contain lightening peptides and plant cell extracts. This line targets discoloration from post inflammatory marks on the skin, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

My Fave: Iluma Brightening Serum 

The Max Stem Cell Range

Formulated for maximum correction, prevention and nutrition. Contains plant stem cells and peptides for help with strengthening and firming lax skin.

My Fave: Max Stem Cell Creme 

The Clear Cell Range

Formulated with acne, oily and acne prone skin in mind. Contains actives such as salicylic and glycolic acid as well as restoring, hydrating and comforting ingredients

My Fave: Clear Cell Mattifying Moisturiser 

The Ageless Range 

Created to tackle aging skin with ingredients such as AHA'S, peptides, retinol and stem cell technology. Products available to suit all aging concerns from mild to extremely photodamaged skin.

My Fave: Ageless Total Anti-Aging Serum 


Image newest line, launched only a few months ago! Centred around creating and maintaining a healthy barrier. Targets and treats a stressed, uncomfortable dry or combination skin. Leaves Skin dewy, bright and hydrated. Vegan Friendly.

My Fave: Biome Dew Bright Serum 

Prevention + Range 

An evolution of moisturisers with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Contains both physical and chemical SPF for maximum protection. There is a product in the Prevention family for all preferences, dry skin, oily skin, tinted moisturisers, serums and primers..all with SPF!

My Fave: Image Prevention Mattifying Moisturiser SPF 30


Millies Skin Expert

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