Everything you need to know about the brand new refillable range from Kérastase!
Fri, Apr 08, 22

Everything you need to know about the brand new refillable range from Kérastase!

 When it comes to hair care, Kérastase is up there with the best. They’re the ultimate luxury haircare and styling brand, with hair transformation guaranteed! And now, they’re upping their game when it comes to doing their bit for the environment.

Introducing the brand new refillable range from Kérastase, rather than tossing or recycling your empty products, you can now give it a new life by simply refilling the same bottles, over and over again.


So what’s available to now buy as refills? Well, look no further because we’ve got all the details!


Kérastase Bain Force Architecte Refill Pouch & Refillable Bottle

For those who struggle with weak or damaged hair, this is the start of a new haircare journey for you. This strengthening shampoo for brittle damaged hair with split ends is designed to gently cleanse without stripping natural oils, and you can now buy the shampoo paired with the refillable pouch.

Suitable for all hair types, it revives and fortifies brittle hair, removes dirt and impurities, prevents breakage and protects split ends all while softening the hair and adding a beautiful shine. Shop here.


Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Refill Pouch & Refillable Bottle

Specially designed for people with dry hair, this nourishing shampoo is enriched with a combination of nutrients and Iris Rhizome Extract, to help protect the hair from oxidation, nourish and energise the hair fibres, and boost natural oil production to soften the hair from root to tips.

And you can now buy this softening, nourishing treatment along with its refillable pouch for longer-lasting results! Shop here.


Kérastase Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Refill Pouch & Refillable Bottle

The Kérastase Genesis is the first range to treat both kinds of hair-fall, both at the root and from fibre breakage, and you can now buy it in a refillable format. A fortifying shampoo for normal to dry and weakened hair that is prone to falling and breakage. Genesis gently clarifies, nourishes and reinforces the hair fibre to reduce the risk of hair fall due to breakage.

Say hello to full, healthy, gorgeous hair! Shop here.


Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Lumière Refill Pouch & Refillable Bottle

Last but not least, for those who rock cool blonde or grey hair, the Blond Absolu Bain Lumiére.

And yep, you guessed it - you can buy yours in a refillable pouch.

A powerful purple shampoo rich in neutralizing agents to instantly counterbalance brassiness, and yellow undertones. With regular use of this shampoo provides durable anti-brassiness protection keeping blonde shades cool for longer. Plus, protects hair from daily oxidation and pollution, restoring shine and softness.

Shop here.


Lastly, how do you complete the refill as thoroughly as you can?

  • Fill the aluminium shampoo bottle with the Kérastase refill pouch
  • Wash and dry the bottle between each refill
  • Do not wash the pump but drain it well