MoroccanOil Haircare - Celebrating our Brand of the Month
Thu, Aug 05, 21

MoroccanOil Haircare - Celebrating our Brand of the Month

Moroccanoil has gone from a global haircare phenomenon to a global haircare staple, trusted by professionals, and amateurs, the world over to guarantee glossy, healthy, luscious locks. Starting out, and still to this day, the real hero product of this the stunning Moroccanoil Original. Built off the back of the ancient Moroccan tradition of using the native Argan Oil as a beautifying elixir, the earliest incarnation of Moroccanoil hit the hair world by storm.

Now Moroccanoil has developed into a comprehensive and extensive haircare range for all hair types, from fine to thick, straight to curly, and everything in between. Below are just some of their most popular products, and a brief description of what they can do for you.

Moroccanoil Original

This is one of those products that took the world by storm, and seemed to be a worldwide success, overnight. And rightly so. Not only can this change how colourists work with hair, but it also fights environmental aggressors, staves off humidity, increases manageability, detangles, prevents breakage, smoothens split ends, speeds up blow-dry time, and provides you with the most mirrorlike shine. Suitable for all hair types, Moroccanoil Original can be used as a pre-cleanse treatment, leave-in conditioner, and finishing product. It also works beautifully to refresh next day hair. Also available in a light formula for fine and light-coloured hair.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark and Light Tones

One of my favourite dry shampoos on the market, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark and Light Tones is an absolute life saver. It will take you from a greasy, flat haired mess to fresh as a daisy with fantastic root lift in just a couple of sprays. The fact that it is tinted won’t cover regrowth, but it makes it super easy to blend into your hair without a white, powdery residue. I will inevitably always bring this to every wedding, girls’ trip, and holiday I go on…just out of sheer laziness. Spray it quickly, and directed at your roots, while moving your hand quickly across your scalp, for the most even result. The accurate nozzle results in very little product wastage, and, as a product it smells divine.

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks

Whether you are looking to subtly neutralise brassy tones in your hair, or express your colourful side with vibrant pigments, Moroccanoil has you covered. These deeply conditioning Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks are laced with as many tones as you can imagine, delivering a fresh, nourished, and glossy result every time. Take you hair from drab to fab with heady Hibiscus, awesome Aquamarine, or polished Platinum, there are a wealth of options available. Browse the colour chart to see which one catches your eye, and revel in bright, refreshed, healthy hair to keep you looking just styled, always.

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream

With all that’s happened over the last year, or so, one positive we can take away is that people are really embracing their own natural texture. Organic curls and waves are being celebrated for the first time in decades, and this is the perfect haircare to help you style your natural tresses – minus the frizz. Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream is heat activated with curl memory, so it is the ideal aide for anyone who has been beating their hair into submission for a long period of time. It will help to encourage and hold bounce, define the shape, tame frizz, give a natural finish, increase shine, and all while nurturing your locks with nourishing Argan oil. Squeeze and comb Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream into saturated hair from root to tip.

Moroccanoil 55cm Ceramic Brush

Moroccanoil have a great selection of fantastic brushes, from paddle brushes to boar bristle brushes, and more. This is one of my personal favourites though, mainly because it works so well to get body, movement, and shine into the hair, but also because it does it quickly! Granted, it is not suitable for short hair, the smaller barrels are there to help with that. This one is a mega brush, perfect for shoulder length hair and longer. The Moroccanoil 55cm Ceramic Brush ceramic barrel retains heat to dry your hair quickly and accurately, without snagging or damaging your lovely long locks. It can smoothen and gloss your hair into a beautiful straight blowdry, or bouncy wave by simply wrapping your hair around the barrel as you dry it. The bristles are long enough to grip your hair well, without catching or causing too much tension. A great hair tool to add to daily routine.