Celebrating National Hair Day with Fiona's Top Hair Picks
Fri, Oct 01, 21

Celebrating National Hair Day with Fiona's Top Hair Picks

I’ve heard it a thousand times, that your hair is your crowning glory, and I a way I agree. Although hair is not the be all and end all for everyone, to some people it is a vehicle of expression. A material to mould and sculpt, to display your personality, or convey your fresh new start after a heartbreak. And I think that is what I love most about hairstyling, helping people to find their own image they are proud of, no matter what that “crown” may look like.

To celebrate that I have selected 5 of my favourite haircare products, to create 5 very different looks, for you to style your tresses, in all manner of shapes and finishes.

Bouncy Hollywood Waves

OWAY Flux Lotion

To bring on serious glam vibes, and keep them, try OWAY Flux Lotion to give hold, bounce, frizz control, volume, and moveable hold from root to tip, on all hair types. OWAY is an organic, biodynamic, professional haircare range from Italy, which is free from SLS, SLES, silicone, parabens, and artificial fragrance. Pop the  OWAY Flux Lotion through your wet hair before you blowdry to control and sculpt your hair into a shape. Finish your style with OWAY Glossy Nectar Hair Oil for the ultimate glossy finish that will also nurture your hair.

Vivid Hues

NAK Colour Mask

Using colour is one of the world’s most longstanding forms of expression, and hair has become one of the most popular canvases for that very purpose, in a kind of “wear your heart on your sleeve” way. In recent years vivid colour has seen a real resurgence too, and an easy way to maintain those vivid tones at home is with a pigmented hair masque. NAK Colour Mask has a vast array of tones with everything from Babydoll to Magenta and a host of other colours, including more subtle hues too. NAK Colour Mask is vegan and rich in conditioning Macadamia nut extract to nourish your hair.

Short Texture

ELEVEN Matte Texture Styling Paste

Matte texture has been a mainstay of relaxed style for years now, and there’s a good reason for that, the nonchalant vibe it depicts puts out the “I woke up like this” vibe, even if you did spend all morning in the mirror. And when you have short hair that chilled out texture brings face framing, and root lifting elements that wet look stylers just can’t achieve. ELEVEN Matte Texture Styling Paste will give you the perfect textured finish, and allow you to reshape your hair through the day

Blondest of Blondes

Kerastase Blond Absolu Cica Nuit

Being blonde never seems to go out of fashion, and it seems to be the blonder the better. The key to keeping bleached hair beautiful, is to keep it healthy and strong. Chemically processing your hair, it’s widely known, can really damage your hair causing it to break and appear dull. Thankfully most blondes now try to care for the condition of their hair, with good quality products, and regular treatments. I’m all about the easy live though, so I love Kerastase Blond Absolu Cica Nuit, which is a leave-in restorative, hydrating treatment you apply to your hair at night, and disappears into your hair. So, you wake up in the morning with freshly hydrated, glowing hair, that looks fab and smells amazing. And it also works beautifully on brunettes!

Natural Curls and Waves

Joico Zero Heat Styling Creme

This is a great one to throw in your bag and take with you, it defrizzes and defines the natural shape of your hair, so allows your hair to sit subtly into its natural form – minus the halo of fuzzy flyaways often associated with letting your hair dry naturally. There are two types of Joico Zero Heat Styling Creme available, one for fine hair, one for thick hair. Use it by scrunching it into your wet hair, and allowing to dry, with zero heat, and reapply whenever you like to refresh your style. It is also great to keep to hand on rainy days, and to refresh second- and third-day hair.