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NEW Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel
Fri, Aug 24, 18

NEW Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel

Here at Millies we’ve literally been counting down the minutes to the launch of Age Smart Rapid Reveal Peel. I was very lucky to get a sneak peak of the Dermalogica new launches for the year in January and this was my stand out launch of the year so I was bursting to try it. 

 First Impressions 

  • First of all – how it is packaged is genius. I love how the pack has a suction cup on the back of the pack to attach it to your bathroom mirror. When we’re all so busy, actually remembering to do things is one of everyone setbacks with skincare so I thought this was so clever. If the pack is right there on my bathroom mirror I’ll definitely be more likely to use the treatment and not forget to do it.
    • The pack contains 10 single use tubes but I love how if you don’t use the whole tube you can reseal it by turning the the lid upside down and is good to use for another 30 days.
    • I would say to be very careful when pouring out the product as the consistency is quite watery and could spill easily. (You don’t want to waste a drop of this amazing product!!!) When pouring out just use a little at a time. Try to keep active products like this on your fingertips and not all over hands so there’s no waste.
    • There is quite a lot in each vial, almost enough to cover the face and neck twice, but do use it all if you can to achieve optimum results. 
    • You should feel a slight tingling sensation for about 1-2 mins and found it mainly just felt a little warm on the skin after that. If you are not used to using active ingredients on your skin you may feel the tingle for a little longer but just remember this is an action of the product – not a reaction to the product.

      • Leave on for 3-7 mins, I went the full 7 and found it felt ok but if you are more sensitive start low and build up your time each time you use it until you can leave it on for 7 mins.
        • This product does need to be removed with a cold cloth so as not to add extra heat to the skin while using the product.
        • If you wish you can jump start your routine by using it 3 days in a row to really see a starting result and then use 1 a week until you have used up all your vials.
        • It is best not to use any Vitamin A products the day before and day after using Rapid Reveal Peel as it is also an active product.
        • Dermalogica rate their exfoliator strength levels by bio activity score. This is measured by the concentration of lactic acid and salicylic acid the pH of the formula and the presence of other exfoliant agents such as papain retinol and rice bran within the product. The higher the bio activity score - the stronger the exfoliant. The Rapid Reveal Peel is measured at 21 on the Bio Activity Score whereas Dermalogica’s Professional Exfoliant which is only used in treatments is scored at 25 – so it’s impressively active for a homecare retail product!! The fact that I can achieve this level of results at home - I’m sold!!

        Other bioactivity scores within the Dermalogica range are: 

          Skin Prep Scrub = 1

          Daily Microfoliant = 5

          Daily Superfoliant =9 

          Multi Vitamin Thermafoliant = 10 

          Gentle Cream Exfoliant = 14

          Results :

          My skin felt super smooth and soft after the first treatment and I woke the next morning with a really deep clean feeling on my skin. The fact that there’s no down time, peeling or redness to achieve these results is also a major factor for me.

          My foundation has been applying like a dream since using the first treatment and I’ve had loads of comment on how nice my make up looks. Its totally down to my skin underneath!

          It may seem a little pricey  at €90 but my god, it’s worth every penny. You receive 10 Peels in the kit and if you break that down you are getting a professional level exfoliating treatment each time for just €9!!! Also if you click the link below you will be able to pre-order the Rapid Reveal Peel for just €80 ending on September 6th.

          Who Its For?

          The Rapid Reveal Peel is for anyone who is prematurely ageing (all of us - lol) dry, dull skin, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. And generally anyone who wants to give their skin a major boost. This product would be absolutely essential for brides or anyone with a special occasion coming up.

          All you need to remember is this product is resurfacing your skin so wearing a high spf is essential. Although this is a given whether you are using the Rapid Reveal Peel or not – winter and summer!!

          Click here to Pre-Order with a saving of €10 until September 6th:

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