OWAY – Organic Way, A Natural Approach to Luxury Haircare
Wed, Jun 02, 21

OWAY – Organic Way, A Natural Approach to Luxury Haircare

Over the years we have become more aware and more exposed to the realities of the footprint we eave on this planet. And for many years, the hair and beauty industry lacked suitable offerings for those who want to affect change, without sacrificing luxury. This is where OWAY comes in.

The only thing that could possibly distract from OWAY’s luxury appeal, is its positive approach sustainability. The natural, organic ingredients contained within their fully recyclable, amber glass bottles are wonderfully protective and nourishing, and due to there natural fragrance, smell utterly divine.

OWAY products are suited to everyone, but especially appeal to anyone who would like to make a tangible change in their lifestyle regarding eco-sustainability, shopping organic, responsible recycling, fair-trade ingredients, respect for animals, and a plastic free environment.

The added beauty of OWAY is it is completely luxurious to use and will vastly improve the condition and appearance of your hair. The beautifying oils and natural active ingredients are often protected by amber glass bottles, which is a bonus as they look beautiful in any space and are fully reusable.

Here are some of OWAY’s most popular offerings, and some details on what makes them just so special.

Frequent Use Hair and Scalp Bath

This is a lovely option for anyone who has unproblematic to slightly oily hair, as it is extremely lightweight and gentle on the scalp. It provides a symbiotic balance of cleansing, hydration, and protection, which helps to restore health and shine, and prevent split ends.

  • Biodynamic Lemon – Enhances shine in dull hair and delivers antioxidant Vitamin C to support health.
  • Organic White Tea – Rich in polyphenols, anti-aging and helps to protect against oxidative damage.
  • Ethical Anisata – Antiseptic and antibacterial qualities to allow for a healthy scalp.

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Moisturising Mask

Dedicated to dry hair, fine or thick, that tends to frizz, needs deep nourishment, and knots easily. This mask will deeply nourish dehydrated hair to restore movement, reduce porosity, and increase shine to all hair types. Works well with all OWAY Baths, more generally known as shampoos.

  • Biodynamic Hazel- Softening and nourishing, it makes the hair fibre soft and manageable.
  • Organic Honey- Soothing, nourishing and adds shine.
  • Ethical Murumuru Butter - Rich in hair proteins, it repairs and deeply nourishes dry, brittle, and dull hair.

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Nurturing Drops

A nourishing and smoothening elixir that is free from chemical substances: petrolatum, parabens, PEG, PPG & BG, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc., which are widely common in hair finishing products. This is a beautiful option for anyone looking to introduce naturally based stylers to their haircare routine. It nourishes split ends and improves their appearance, protects your hair from heat, and gives reflective shine.

  • Biodynamic Lemon Balm Hydrolate - Lemon balm has an invigorating action and has a purifying and balancing effect on greasy hair.
  • Organic Black Quinoa Extract - Its amino acids protect hair structure from damage while its proteins shield and reinforce.
  • Ethical Marula Oil - Rich in proteins and minerals, it strengthens your hair and provides hydrating and restorative properties too.

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Colour Protection Hair Mask

Colour fade can be a real thorn in the side, especially when you get your colour exactly right, and then it disappears prematurely from your hair. Help to lock your colour in, renourish your hair, and add immense shine by using this mask on a regular basis.

  • Biodynamic Red Grapevine - It keeps the colour bright and the hair soft.
  • Organic Goji Berries - They revitalise the hair fibre and slow down hair ageing, protecting it from oxidation.
  • Ethical Kakadu Plum - It has detoxifying, anti-ageing and energising properties.

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Sounds good right? This is just a sneak peek into the collection, to see our full OWAY product page click here. If you need any further information, just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help.