#SalonAtHome - The Professional Guide to Happy Healthy Hair during Isolation!
Thu, Apr 30, 20

#SalonAtHome - The Professional Guide to Happy Healthy Hair during Isolation!

Trips to the salon are a fond distant memory for all of us at this stage but that doesn’t mean your crowning glory has to suffer! Millies haircare experts are on hand to help you choose the most effective professional haircare products to keep your hair happy and healthy during this difficult time.  

 Dealing with dull dry hair at home?

 Ensuring your hair remains in tip-top condition is still important even if you are not venturing out much at the moment. Unfortunately, a lot of us have neglected our hair and scalps due to the strange times we now find ourselves living in. Our diet, water intake, fresh air and UV levels have all changed during isolation, and not for the better! We are all well over due a trim and while we are being honest, washing our hair just isn’t a priority at the moment! The result of this haircare neglect? Dull dry troublesome hair with increased split ends and a nasty build-up on the scalp.

Our Expert Advice on Haircare Issues

Hold off on cracking the egg over your hair just yet or smearing it in mayo! Our experts are here to help with their top picks of must-have professional haircare treatments perfect for achieving that salon fresh feeling at home. 

Kerastase Masquintense


This is an exceptionally concentrated treatment for dry sensitized dull hair. It contains essential ingredients such as glucids and lipids which play a crucial role in keeping our hair healthy and strong. Apply to freshly washed hair. Comb it through your hair when it is still wet and tie it up. It can be rinsed out after 10 minutes but we suggest leaving it in for as long as possible, even over night.


Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment

Redken_Anti_Snap_TreatmentThis award winning product and one of our best sellers, does exactly what it says on the tin! It is a leave in treatment for damaged hair with split ends. It’s proven to reduce breakage by an amazing 75%. It contains active fortifying complex and ceramides which penetrates deep into the hair follicle and strengthens hair fibres to prevent breakage. Apply to your areas of concern or all over damp hair and be sure to leave it in. This product does not need to be rinsed out.


It’s not called the hero of haircare for no reason! This global best-seller and an at-home treatment (not conditioner) reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair. It will restore your hair's healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting the hair structure, rapidly improving the overall look and feel. Apply from root to end on damp towel dried hair. Leave in for 10 minutes and rinse out using your favourite Olaplex shampoo and conditioner.











Moroccan oil Original Treatment

Moroccan_Oil_treatmentInfused with antioxidant rich argan oil and shine boosting vitamins, this completely transformative hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine. This must-have product leaves your hair nourished, manageable and smooth. It comes in two types - original and fine hair. This is a dry oil so don't be afraid it will weight your hair down, it comes in a light and original version, the light is more suitable for blondes and fine hair while the original is suitable for normal and thick hair .

All the products mentioned above are available at Millies.ie.