Semi di Lino Smooth with ALFAPARF Milano Educator Zoey Olechnowicz
Tue, May 11, 21

Semi di Lino Smooth with ALFAPARF Milano Educator Zoey Olechnowicz

Do you spend hours blow-drying and straightening your hair to perfection, just for minutes later you step out the door and all your hard work disappears into a halo of frizz?

It is well known that environmental conditions such as heat and humidity have adverse effects on our hair. This can take place after styling your hair, if you travel frequently or are often in different climates. You may experience your locks being: too flat, too puffy, static, dehydrated or frizzy. 

No matter where you are in the world humidity and temperature will always make your hair behave in weird and not so wonderful ways. Before I give you a solution to this age-old problem, I think it’s important to tell you a little bit about what happens when you style your hair.

Each strand of hair is made up of vertical tubes of keratin which are grouped and held together by two types of bonds: first is the disulfide bonds, these are very strong and can only be changed by breaking them down and resetting their shape permanently i.e. chemical straightening or perming.

Next are the hydrogen bonds which are much weaker and can be broken down by water. Every time you wash your hair or if your hair gets wet, these bonds are broken down and become more malleable. This means that once the hair is blow-dried or has dried naturally, the hydrogen bonds have a temporary new shape, at least until water is added again.

How does humidity come into this I hear you ask!?

Simply, humidity is water vapor (or moisture) in the air, your hair is drawn to moisture and will absorb it from the atmosphere, resulting in broken down hydrogen bonds and your hair returning to a frizzier version of its natural state.

However, it isn’t just moisture in the air that can make your hair look frizzy. A hot, dry, or cold environment can also oppositely cause the dreaded frizz. Humidity works by water vapor being absorbed into the hair, whereas dry and hot environments drive out water from the hair making it look dry and unruly. As the hair’s hydration decreases, the hair changes in texture and can become extremely puffy.


In cold, dry environments your hair will dry out and the electrostatic charge will change causing static in the hair as well as frizz and unwanted volume.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the weather, but we can help you manage your locks and give you the best possible start to fighting the frizz!


Semi di Lino Smooth is the latest care line from ALFAPARF Milano designed to tame and smooth even the most rebellious and difficult to manage hair. This vegan line consists of naturally derived bio-based fragrances with flowery notes and specific active ingredients to help restore your hair’s natural beauty.

The transverse Semi di Lino technology which can be found in each product from Semi di Lino contains Urban Defense Pro (anti-pollution shield for total protection), Shine Fix Complex (24 hours of brightening power from the roots to ends) and Colour Fix Complex (UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of your colour).

The specific Semi di Lino Smooth technology consists of Climate-Proof and Frizz Defeat Protein. These technologies are your insurance policy against all the changeable environmental factors we have discussed above.

Climate-proof is a protective barrier with a film forming action that will help maintain optimum hydration levels as well as stopping external moisture entering the hair and internal hydration escaping into the surrounding environment.

Another amazing feature of Climate-Proof is that it contains a synthetic polymer that can alter its electrostatic charge to that of the surrounding climate, this is what makes the products long-lasting and gives the ability to go from a hot environment to a cold environment without any hair changes.

Frizz Defeat Protein is ideal for giving frizzy hair its identity back and reinforcing its shape. This is done by balancing the proteins and lipids within the hair reinforcing the shape whilst keeping it hydrated.



Semi di Lino Smooth consists of 5 products that will control, hydrate and smooth your tresses, offering up to 72 hours of smooth, tamed hair.

Smoothing Low Shampoo is sulfate free and offers a rich and gentle cleanse. For best results why not try leaving the second shampoo in for a few minutes to let the active ingredients do their thing.

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Smoothing Conditioner is a straightening conditioner for rebellious hair that detangles and controls frizz for a soft and light-weight finish. For best results leave the conditioner on for 1-3 minutes. Ideal for fine/medium hair.

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Smoothing Mask is an intensive detangling treatment that gives control and protects against frizz, for soft and hydrated hair. For best results apply to towel dried hair and leave on for 5 minutes. Ideal for medium/coarse hair.

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Smoothing Cream brightens the hair, protecting it from heat and humidity for long-lasting frizz-free results. Smoothing Cream can be incorporated into any Semi di Lino cleansing routine and is a must-have styling product to create your frizz-free hair of dreams, the Smoothing Cream also offers heat protection up-to 230°.

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Smoothing Oil is a luxurious finishing oil containing Hibiscus Oil rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6. This oil can protect your hair from hot tools up to 230°, whilst leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

The four SMOOTH Hair treatment products control rebellious and difficult-to-manage hair and the Smoothing Oil tames and gives a glossy, sleek finish.

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Choose Semi di Lino Smooth for all your frizz fighting needs!


*Instrumental tests conducted on hair treated with Semi di Lino Smooth service, in comparison with hair treated with basic shampoo alone.