Tan This Way!!
Tue, Jun 20, 17

Tan This Way!!

Don’t you agree that having a gorgeous glowing tan is like a tonic for your soul. You look glowing with health and even clothing looks better on with a tan. Thankfully we’ve learned now that lying in the sun is just too dangerous to risk so we all now reach for the faithful self-tan! To achieve a flawless tan this summer just follow these tips:

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

In the days coming up to your tan application make sure to exfoliate really well to remove any old tan residue and any dead skin especially from areas where tan tends to gather like hands, feet, knees and elbows. To achieve super smooth skin, stand into your bath or shower and use a salt in oil scrub such as Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow on dry skin and then shower off. This scrub leaves a veil of hydration on your skin to keep it plump and moisturised. Dead skin and old tan residue on the skin will result in a patchy tan – not the look we want!!

Keep skin super moisturised
Making sure that skin is well moisturised is the best way to help your tan to last longer and to fade more evenly. For the days before keep your skin absolutely slathered in moisturiser so that you are applying your tan to a super smooth hydrated surface.

And the days after always apply body moisturiser after every shower to keep your tan hydrated, glowy and healthy looking.

Avoid the water.
Sweat, salt and chlorine can ruin a good tan, but water accelerates your skin's natural exfoliation process, so the more water your tan is exposed to, the more likely it is to fade. Always pat skin dry when you get out of the shower or after swimming as rubbing the skin can cause patches to wear away.

On the day

When applying your tan make sure that you don’t exfoliate on that day and make sure the skin is free of oils, deodorants and moisturiser, except on the hands, feet, knees, and elbows to which you should apply lots of body lotion to avoid the tan taking too well to these areas.

Always use a mitt and apply your tan in circular sweeping motions and just sweep the mitt over the hands and feet with whatever is on the mitt at the time don’t add anymore. Always use a dedicated face tan on the face as body tans aren’t designed for the face and can block pores.

Whats best for you?

Always consider your skintype when choosing a tan. For dry skin always choose a lotion or cream as they will have more moisture. Some really nice ones are Bellamianta Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion Medium also available in Dark and Vita Liberata Self Tanning Lotion in Medium or Dark.
For more oily skin liquids and mousses work really well such as He Shi Dark Foaming Mousse also available in Medium Gold Foaming Mousse or He Shi Express Tanning Liquid.