The Best Professional Tinted Moisturisers and the reasons why...
Tue, May 05, 20

The Best Professional Tinted Moisturisers and the reasons why...

If you are not already a user of a tinted moisturiser, now is the perfect time to give one a try. Our "New Normal" often means we don't need to wear a full face of make up but we still want our skin to look healthy, with an even tone.

I would start off by saying,  I don't recommend a tinted moisturizer as your daily treatment product that you depend on to fix or alter any skin issues that you may have. This job is best left to your active serum that is geared towards your skin issue. Whereas your tinted moisturiser will even out skin tone, keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy and very often will contain an SPF so will protect from daylights harmful rays.

When we speak about professional Tinted Moistusiers, as I’m not comparing them to over the counter brands, my two absolute clear winners are a Alumier MD Moisture Matte Tinted and Image Skincare prevention daily tinted moisturiser oil free SPF 30

alumier-md-moisture-matte-spf-40Alumier Moisture Matte, is for someone who likes more of a full coverage product, you can really build up on this product.  I personally use the shade Amber and I find a little goes a very long way. You should get months out of one tube as the colour pigments is so strong that you only need a tiny amount. It is also worth saying, I would tend to go with a shade as close to your skin as possible, I wouldn't go much dark as the purpose of a SPF is to protect, that should be its first job and then after that its the colour, but if you get a color that is a little dark you will use less of it.  


It is very different than your normal tinted SPF as when you squeeze out the product it is a neutral colour and then the true colour develops when you massage the product into your skin from the heat of your hands, making it so easy to blend with your skin tone.

While the colour is my favourite thing in this particular product, the SPF ingredients are also amazing.  The active ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have no chemicals at all and are a physical SPF, which also make it amazing for sensitive skin. If you’re not familiar with Alumier MD, this range is a doctor led range containing medical grade ingredients. 

One tiny niggle with this product is, if it is not massaged right into the skin it can feel a little bit tacky so always make sure that you rub it in with your fingers and not a  make up brush as it needs the heat of the hands so it can absorb into the skin. 

This product comes in three different shades and suits skin types normal, combination and oily skin. It is packed with antioxidants, caffeine and knot grass extract to protect your skin from UV induced free radical damage. This formula lightly moisturises to soothe and hydrate while absorbing excess oil to give you a Matte finish.

Image_Skincare_Prevention_Tinted_MoisturiserIf you prefer more of a light coverage, Image Skincare Prevention Daily Tinted SPF30 is hugely popular. It is possible to build more colour on the skin by using more product however it does give a lovely light feel and you can easily put make-up on top. The Daily Tinted has got a beautiful tone to it that really does tend to suit Irish skin tones extremely well.  This one also has the same active ingredients that are physical SPF which are zinc oxide and titanium oxide and both of these products will protect you with the UVA and UVB protection, while the oil free formula incorporates Micro-sponge technology to absorb surface oil and leaves your skin with a matte finish this SPF also contains blends of antioxidants as free radical scavengers to decrease damaging effects of the sun and environment exposures.

Both of these products are Parben free.

We have found that a lot more people are trying more tinted SPF while being at home as it’s a great alternative to your daily make up routine and more than anything with these two recommendations you’re getting really good skincare as well as coverage to your skin which is most important.  You are getting medical grade ingredients protecting your skin and also giving your skin a beautiful tone. Aluimer is a prescription brand so you will to email us on to inquire about ordering.