Top 5 Hot Styler Hair Essentials
Fri, Nov 05, 21

Top 5 Hot Styler Hair Essentials

It can be tough to know which hot styler is best, to achieve your perfect party hair, or respectable enough to do the shopping hair, at home. The task is doubled when you’re attempting to buy for somebody else. Below is a list of 5 of our top heated stylers, what they do, and who they are best suited to.

ghd On the Go Travel Gift Set

One of ghd’s newest offerings is the, no strings attached, cordless ghd styler . With up to 20minutes continuous styling time this is the perfect travel companion, and ideal for those who like to change their hair on a whim, to be ready for any occasion at any time, this styler can straighten, curl and wave hair, and is suitable for all hair types. The travel dryer is powerful enough for use on thick hair and not only is there a heat protective case and paddle brush for styling, but also, the essential heat protector ghd Bodyguard, for keeping the hair in tip-top condition.

Beauty Works Jumbo Styler

This is ideal for anyone with medium-long hair to create waves, texture, movement, and volume throughout the hair. It is super easy to use, you simply section and clamp down along the length of the hair to form relaxed, soft waves. The Beauty Works Jumbo Styler can be used on shorter hair too, but I would only suggest it if the operator is already skilled with using hot tools. Due to the size of the styler, it allows for fast styling by covering a larger surface area of hair. It also has adjustable temperatures, so turn it down to suit finer or more delicate hair types. It also comes with a heat protective mat and glove, just to be extra safe.

Hot Tools Volumiser Limited Edition Black Hot Brush

We all know someone who, every single time we see them, look like they just stepped out of the salon and always have gorgeous hair. The Hot Tools Volumiser Limited Edition Black Hot Brush allows you to achieve this too with, quite honestly, little effort. Perfect for those who love volume, movement, and smooth hair, suited to all hair types and most hair lengths, it just won’t suit hair that is very short as it won’t be able to hold it. Aside from that this styler will bring lank hair to life and give you salon worthy hair every day.

ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer

Every good hair kit has a great hair dryer, it’s essential. Whether you want fullness and volume in fine hair or sleek shine in thick, coarse hair a hard-working hair dryer will lay the foundation to long lasting style and accurate results, available in 5 different but equally stunning colours, there is something for everyone. Kick frizz and flyaways to the curb with an airflow of 120kmh, adjustable heat and speed settings, and a 3m cable. A unique acoustic system keeps sound levels low, and a 2-year guarantee insures you’ll have fabulous hair for longer.

Hot Tools Black Gold Curl Bar 25mm

Waves have been popular for several years now, and they’re not going anywhere soon, so if you or your loved one loves to wear beachy waves or sultry vintage curls this curl bar could be the perfect fit. Suitable for all hair types, this styler is easy to use thanks to its right-angle design which allows the operator better movement around the head with less chance of misdirecting the curl. Recreate retro vibes by going with a deep parting, curling all your hair in one direction, and brushing it out, or part in the middle with looser waves and salt spray for a casual beachy finish. This curl bar works for most hair lengths providing the hair is long enough to wrap around the bar.

If you still feel a little lost, please get in touch through any of our social media channels and I’ll be happy to give you any guidance I can.

Fiona O’Connor

Head Educator, Haircare Division