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Veganuary - Vegan for the month of January
Wed, Jan 05, 22

Veganuary - Vegan for the month of January

It’s that time of year again when we collectively press reset on our decisions and lifestyles, and with all the New Year’s resolutions being flung at us left, right and centre, it’s tough not to! Usually they come and go, like passing fads, but one that seems to be standing the test of time is Veganuary.

This is where people challenge themselves to live a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. A lot of people believe veganism only concerns diet choices, but it can influence many aspects of your life, such as the fabrics you wear, the products you buy, where you shop, the origin of produce, and the impact on our environment each of these choices has. As a vegan myself I know it can be a tricky terrain to navigate, so below I have some of my favourite vegan haircare options we have available here at

Pureology Hydrate Giftset

Harsh winter weather can leave your hair, thirsty, tired, and dull, but this comprehensive Pureology giftset has you covered. The nourishing shampoo will replenish, gently cleanse, and add shine to each strand while the conditioner will hydrate, repair, and give great manageability while styling. To protect your hair from external factors this set also contains Pureology Color Fanatic Treatment Spray to help detangle, give UV, and heat, protection, fight free radicals and protect coloured hair from fading, but best of all – they are all vegan!

Oway Frequent Use Hair and Scalp Bath

This is a gentle shampoo that is kind enough to use daily. It has natural and organic anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities which will work to fight minor scalp irritations and rebalance scalp that is slightly oily. It is also suitable for all hair types, form fine straight hair to thick curly hair, as it is scalp orientated. Oway as a company is ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental awareness and is organic, vegan, biodynamic, free of SLS and SLES, naturally scented, is produced using renewable energy, is packaged in glass and aluminium so is fully recyclable or even reusable as the shampoos come in lovely amber glass bottles, which I personally use throughout my home, for hand soap and sanitiser.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex No.3 is one of my all-time favourite hair products, because it does what it says it will, is vegan friendly and sulfate free, and I’ve yet to meet a head of hair it hasn’t improved! This cult classic reparative treatment is designed to be applied, before you shampoo, to damp hair and left for a minimum of 10 minutes, though I often leave it a lot longer. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector will  rebuild the interior bonds of damaged hair strands to leave your hair stronger and healthier, but for maximum reparative benefits should be used alongside Olaplex 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment. Either way, what you will achieve is added bounce, detangling, shine, improved styling, and beautifying effects on all hair types. I especially love the result it has on natural curls and waves giving definition, manageability, and a glossy finish. Available at time of print in limited edition supersize bottle!

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Sealant Spray

This is a dream come true for those trying to manage hard to handle, coarse and frizzy hair. An ideal topcoat with anti-humectant sealant to refine your style, reduce frizz, and exude mirrorlike shine, Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Sealant Spray will encourage and hold your sleek style. Even in Irish misty conditions, or if you are lucky enough to hit sunnier more humid settings, it will continue to work in your hair for up to 3 shampoos.

NAK Colour Mask

NAK Colour Masque is an easy way to refresh and restore your hair colour and condition between salon visits, or even add a vibrant pop of colour to give you an extra lift. This masque is available is 14 shades with colours available like Flamingo, Sky, Peach, Coco, Lilac, and Carbon. It will add rich and lasting pigment, increase strength, moisturise, and reveal beautiful shine from the first application. Infused with macadamia oil and NAK’s unique conditioning vegan complex your hair will both look and feel healthier from root to tip. For best results on damaged hair apply normal conditioner to most porous areas first.

So, as you can see, there is a wide variety of vegan products available on, and this is just a handful of them. If are interested in learning more about our vegan haircare, or have any haircare questions at all, please feel free to get in touch via one of our social channels and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Fiona O’Connor

Head Educator, Haircare Department