Wella - A System Of Professional Haircare
Thu, May 27, 21

Wella - A System Of Professional Haircare

Wella – A System of Professional Haircare

A new addition to us here at Millies, we are happy to have Wella as part of our haircare family. Wella has been perfecting personal haircare for 140 years, when after a fall in popularity of wigs and hairpieces, a Germen family called the Stoher’s, created a portable perming machine and became the go to name in the professional haircare world. The father, Hans Stoher, was a qualified hair stylist who created a wig making company in the 1880’s, which later developed into the brand we know and love today as Wella.

Touching on all elements of haircare, from colour development to reparative masks, Wella knows a thing or two about how to give you the hair of dreams.

At thirteen I wore my long curls as tightly as I could physically endure, day and night might I add, in a desperate bid to control the maniacal mane. I caused major damage and breakage to the perimeter of my hair, which then resulted in an embarrassing halo of frizzy hair. Beautiful, I know. Wella System Professional Repair Shampoo  stepped up to save this mortified teenager’s day. Once I had “gained possession” of it let us say, from my older sister, it got to work immediately on taming the crazy halo look I had fashioned. It repaired the damaged hair at a core level, made my hair easy to manage, and delivered beautiful shine. I was hooked.

Next up was the Wella System Professional Repair Conditioner which I was convinced was actual magic potion. It strengthened and repaired the damage to my hair, but also made it possible to style, control, and wear out in public. Using this dream team of haircare showed me the power of professional haircare over generic brands that just didn’t work, and with the addition of heat styling Wella made my hair healthy, strong, and protected. Quality haircare became a lifelong obsession for me because of this.

While I love these brilliant products, Wella also has a vast selection, for all haircare concerns, from moisture to colour protection to control and volume. To give your hair great bounce and root lift look no further than Wella System Professional Volumise Shampoo and Conditioner which will provide you with super root lift, volume, and beautiful movement throughout your hair.

If you suffer from colour fade Wella's Colour Fresh Masks will deposit rich and vivid tone onto your hair. There is a wide selection of colours available too, so be as subtle or stand out as you like. With everything from chocolate to pink at your disposal it’s a great, easy way to add an extra pop of colour and condition from the comfort of your own home. Not only will your colour be more vibrant, but your hair will be deeply conditioned too!

Help to protect your hair from the elements, and give it megawatt shine with Wella System Professional Reconstructive Elixir which strengthens and nourishes, detangles, adds shine, gives UV protection, and shields natural keratin during heat styling. Also, you can add a couple of drops of this to your favourite Wella mask to amplify it’s reconstructing and shine abilities.

If you feel like this is something you’re looking for, you can check it out here, or if you need any further help and information, please contact me via our Instagram DM’s and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Fiona O’Connor

Head Educator, Haircare Department