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Hands up if you presumed that the professional skincare that you buy would solve all of your skin concerns? (My hand was up too) 
If you are someone who never really gives supplements a second thought, why not give this a read ...
The supplement brand I'm speaking about is Advanced Nutrition Programme and there is something for all skin concerns and general well being in this range.
ANP (Advanced Nutrition Programme) first of all are completely passionate not only about the quality of the ingredients that go into their supplements but of their impact on the environment and the marine life that they use when it comes to the making of both Omega fish Oil Capsules and Omega +.
I love describing ANP as a clean supplement brand as they don't have any unnecessary 'filler' ingredients in their product that you may see in other supplements...these include no artificial preservatives, no colours, no flavourings, no sugar, no salt, no gluten, soya yeast, lactose or dairy. this makes the brand so accessible to so many clients particularly in this day and age where we are seeing a surge in intolerances across peoples diet.
In Miliies we have a 360 degree approach when it comes to skincare so not only do we talk to our clients about their skin on there face we go through a detailed consultation looking at diet, lifestyle, work life etc in order to get the full skin story and start from there.
Supplements look after the skin from within the body, topically products can only do so much. With ANP we are lucky enough to be able to address different concerns from within the body so the we can increase the health and well being on a cellular level so that in turn professional topical products can obtain a better result.
Why supplements? I have a good diet!
These days more than ever our non-stop lifestyle, it is impossible to rely on our diet alone to satisfy all of our skin/hair/nails needs. The increase in overly processed foods means that the nutritional values are diminished, even when using fresh food where possible the storage and cooking of foods often decreases their nutritional value.
ANP only use the highest quality ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body meaning quicker results when taken correctly and consistently. The packaging used is completely recyclable and in the world of health and beauty using and creating so much plastic waste this is so important to see and support.
What supplements should I take ?
To be honest this requires a consultation as every person is different and has different concerns/needs and expectations, I am going to go through what I think are the main stand out products within the range for the majority of concerns that I seen on a day to day basis in salon...
There are many supplements in the range that I recommend to our clients for different reasons. Personally my first go to is the ANP probiotic called 'Youth Biome' The reason I think that everyone should take this supplement is that it is for gut health. If our gut is not healthy then the absorption of food or any other supplementation can be extremely poor. Our gut heath has a huge impact on our overall health and its something that we ignore and take for granted. 
Youth Biome has 4 bacterial strains specifically to help support gut flora. Youth Biome also has the addition of Vitamin C which aids normal collagen function in the skin. one of the things I love about this particular product is that capsule is specifically designed not to break down until it reaches the gut giving you , the client maximum absorption of the billions of bacteria and the Vitamin C.
Omega + Think of Omega + as your internal moisturiser, it will literally moisturise your skin from the inside out with the help of Vitamin A which is important for healthy skin function Omega + boasts to be packed with both Omega 3 fatty acid and Omega 6 fatty acid! The Omega 3 fatty acid is farmed from fish in a that's habitats are guaranteed to exceed all global purity standards! This Omega 3 fatty acid is taken from the belly flesh of the fish instead of the liver to ensure no toxins and that it can be as pure as can be. The Omega 6 fatty acid is mage from evening primrose oil.
I love the fact that even the capsule that the Omegas+ is made from is selenium which is an antioxidant rich ingredient for skin health.
I can't very well do write up about ANP without talking about Accumax
This supplement is our go to in the salon for someone suffering with a congested, acne prone or hypersensitivity. Accumax contains vitamins A, C and E and also has a high level of plant extract called 'Dim'. Dim can be found naturally in broccoli but Accumax has high levels of this ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties perfect for our clients suffering with inflamed acne and congestion. The vitamin A in Accumax also contributes to keeping the skin healthy, encouraging skin renewal and helping with oil control. Our recommendation depending on the severity of the skin condition would be 4 capsules daily and on completing the first course we always ask our clients to return to the salon for a re-examination of the skin to asses and revaluate the concern and prescription.
Personally I could talk all day about the importance of supplementation as part of a skin and healthcare plan. There are fantastic blister packs with pre packed supplements for you to take daily, these can start off with the pack called SKINCARE SELECT, SKINCARE PLUS, SKINCARE ULTIMATE and SKINCARE AESTHETIC .As the blister packs are named the amount of supplements in each increase, however the Aesthetic pack is specifically designed for clients on an advanced skincare journey, this can include micro needling, mesotherapy and peels. The pack encourages recovery in the skin essential when causing trauma to the skin to increase collagen production.
Advanced Nutrition Programme has a different products when it comes to a client who's looking for a superior multi-vitamin, one being Pro Vitality Formula, this 28 day blister pack contains 6 supplements specifically formulated to improve overall well being as well as beautiful skin, perfect for a bride on the last month running up to the wedding.
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