Yon-Ka, is a French skin care brand, that offers an alternative to and a complement to modern medical aesthetic treatments and to give your skin long-lasting, noticeable results with non-aggressive treatments.

The power of the essential oils and plant extracts is harnessed within the Yon-Ka range and along with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, peptides and AHAs addresses and solves all types of skincare concerns and issues.

Yon-Ka uses sustainably sourced, organic plants of the highest grade so you know you receive the creme de la creme of ingredients in every single Yon-ka product.


Skin Care

YonKa Lotion PS Toner is more than just a toner, its a phyto-aromatic healing water. This alcohol-free healing mist re-balances and preps the skin for the absorption of the rest of your beauty products. Suitable for normal/dry skin types the whole body is left feeling energised after use due to Lotion PS's aromatic properties.

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