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Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Worth €28.00


Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser refreshes the scalp and removes impurities,  residues and polluting elements from the hair. Leaves the hair fresh and keeps it clean and light for longer.


  • Gentle scrub with sea salt.
  • Removes product residue and polluting elements
  • Brings texture to the hair
  • Hair remains clean for longer. 
  • Only natural active ingredients used

How to use:

  • Apply to damp hair.
  • Massage the scrub on to the scalp to develop a rich foam
  • Add more water as you feel you need it.
  • Rinse well
  • Apply a nourishing conditioner or mask.
  • Use every two or three shampoos.
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