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Oway Volumising Hair Bath Shampoo


Thickening and volumising treatment range to create full bodied energized hair. 

Designed to give a boost of energy to limp fine hair, which creates an immediate plumping effect from the roots to the tips. Ideal for anyone with fine hair looking for a weightless result and support through styling for longer and for those who love the effect of volumized roots. Perfect for giving both support and lightness at the same time.


  • Purifies scalp and cleanses fragile hair
  • Helps to strengthen individual hair strands
  • Gives natural root lift

How to use:

  • Apply product to hands and emulsify
  • Massage gently into wet hair 1-3 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with tepid water

Active ingredients:

  • BIODYNAMIC YARROW- Stimulates micro-circulation, improving the health & strength of the hair structure.
  • ORGANIC GINGER- A decongestant and antioxidant, it has stimulating, purifying and antiseptic properties.
  • ETHICAL PURPLE RICE- Rich in anthocyanins that give it a characteristic purple colour, it is ideal for fine, brittle and damaged hair, as it restores strength and vigour.

This product is vegan friendly, free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, SLS/SLES (Sodium lauryl sulfate).

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