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Sanctuary Wellness Sleep Mist

Sanctuary Wellness Sleep Mist

One Size


Spritz over body, face and pillow to reset your healthy sleep-wake pattern helping you and your skin get the most out of your sleep.

Amongst poor sleepers:

76% said they got to sleep faster
78% said they woke up feeling more refreshed
More than two thirds said they for to sleep faster and had a better nights sleep
The fragrance:

Scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster & for longer*
Improves the quality of your sleep*
Improves your mood when you wake*
Mood enhancing blend of jasmine, patchouli & frankincense
93% agreed the fragrance relaxed body & mind*
Restore skin's natural glow with:

Plumping hyaluronic acid
Blue light protection
Cell renewing queen of the night extract
Tired skin is revitalised, helping you to wake up refreshed & radiant.
Upgrade your bedtime ritual with this hybrid sleep mist that helps you drift off into a peaceful slumber, whilst treating your skin to a night-time detox.

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