Thu, Apr 02, 15

Brand New! And we love it!

Brand New! And we love it!

So Vita Liberata are the game changers in the tanning industry, its official now with this Amazing new product.  This revolutionary self-tanning bronzer gives you a complete mineral coverage along plus a long lasting tan. Who needs this in their lives … EVERYONE? It is the first powder to tan your skin as far as we know. I personally always tend to pop on a little tan under my make up on really busy days to keep my make up looking somewhat respectable for most of the day. Well this is substituting this step the past week and it’s doing the same job.

If you love to contour, you will definitely LOVE this. All in all I am genuinely impressed with this, If I could change anything about it, it would be having it pressed. Maybe someday but right now it is still worth every penny plus the kabuki brush is a bonus.


How it works?

Its Trystal™ Technology combines an instant pure mineral bronze with long lasting self tan results to give you a natural, medium tan that lasts. Oil - free with micronized crystals for sheer, lightweight bronzing coverage and added DHA for a lasting tan result, this unique bronzing powder will leave you with soft, smooth, healthy looking skin.

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