Sat, May 23, 15

Product Of The Week - Xen Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self Tan

This amazingly gorgeous Xen Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self Tan tan will have you looking like a greek goddess! With instant results so you can see the tan and you can make sure it goes on evenly.
It's moisturising and feels light on the skin.  You can apply once for a light tan or you can build it up to get the result you're happy with.

This colour can last up to 7 days through showers almost like a good spray tan but just make sure you keep moisturising each day and night.
It has a cherry-almond scent so you don't get that off smell that a lot of tans have.

This tan doesn't contain an SPF so you will still need to use a moisturiser with an SPF with this tan.