A Guide to Hair Detoxes
Wed, Jul 07, 21

A Guide to Hair Detoxes

We hear a lot these days about detoxes, deep cleanse shampoos and metal removers, and honestly it can get quite confusing. What are these products, and should I be using one? If you live in a hard water area, like to swim, or suffer with product build-up the answer is most likely, yes. Irish water contains on average twice as much metal as is good for your hair, add in hair lightening or colour and you can have a serious issue with condition and colour distortion. Below I will walk you through some different detox/deep cleanse options available here at Millies.ie to help guide you to your perfect match.

For some people, their main concern can be product build-up, from the use of unsuitable or silicone heavy haircare. In this case what we want to use is a deep cleanse shampoo that will fight free radicles and product residue. For this we can use Davines Solu shampoo which will remove pollution, free radicles, product build-up, and excess oil from your hair and scalp, revealing stunning shine, and refreshing your scalp.

Although not completely the same as product or metal build-up, excess oil can have a really negative effect on the healthy growth of hair from the follicle. This type of build up can be easily tackled with cleansers such as Nioxin, designed to clarify the individual follicles allowing weaker hairs to push though and prosper, while also stimulating a healthier blood flow to your scalp.

If you feel hard water is a point of concern, or you like to swim, it is important to remove minerals, metals, and chlorine from your hair. Chlorine of course takes its name from copper chloride, from which it is derived, resulting in that familiar greenish hue that we commonly associate with copper residue. Iron deposits can appear to have a yellow reflect, both of which are most visible in blonde hair. This does not mean metal deposits are ok in brunette hair, they distort colour results and negatively effect the condition of all hair types causing chemical reactions to happen within the hair shaft. Easy ways to combat this from happening is by adding a detox shampoo to your haircare routine. A personal favourite of mine is NAK Australia's Ultimate Cleanse Shampoo which is sulfate free and vegan, and with continued use will keep mineral/metal build-up at bay.

One of our most popular detox shampoos for our customers is Joico Clarifying Shampoo, which has a similar effect to the NAK Ultimate Cleanse.

We also love the cult classic Color Wow Dream Filter, which took the hair world by storm upon it’s release several years ago, and has been thriving ever since. And that is of no surprise considering how well it works, and how easy it is to use. Simply spritz it into your hair, until completely covered, and leave in for 1-3 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as usual. You will have visible results from your first use.

Finally, we have the newest addition from L’Oreal Professional, Metal Detox. This homecare pairing of shampoo and mask works to gently remove even the smallest fragments of metal from the inner core of the hair strand and nourish it after with the super lightweight mask. Suitable for all hair types, it is colour safe, and gentle enough for frequent use.

By removing these deposits from your hair you will help to improve the condition of your hair, encourage shine, make your hair more receptive to nourishment, and reveal your true colour results. Reducing the level of chemical reactions from within your hair allows your stylist to achieve the very best colour results for you, and encourage an overall healthier head of hair.

If you feel you need any further advice or guidance, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Fiona O’Connor

Head Educator, Haircare Department