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Everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid
Fri, Jan 13, 23

Everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is your skin’s anti-ageing superhero. Revered by dermatologists and skincare professionals, hyaluronic acid has risen up the skincare agenda in recent years thanks to its hydrating, age proofing benefits. Now, the skincare world is looking beyond topical solutions, and hyaluronic acid supplements are an exciting new arrival. Advanced Nutrition Programme™’s brand researchers reveal everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid and why this should be a skincare staple in your supplement regime.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluron or HA, is a substance found naturally in the skin. It maintains collagen and elastin (the foundations of youthful looking skin) by helping them to lock in moisture. Each molecule has the capacity to hold an astonishing 1000 times its own weight in water, making it a powerful hydrator: plumping skin from within to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Over 70% of our body is made of water, so keeping moisture levels balanced is key to beautiful and glowing skin and supplementation with hyaluronic acid could be your new secret ingredient.

Plump, youthful skin

Not only is Hyaluronic acid found in skin, it is also a crucial substance for numerous functions in the body and is naturally present in joints, tendons, and eyes. The majority of the substance – around 50% – is found in the skin. As well as hydrating skin, it can also help protect skin from the ageing impacts of free radical damage and calm stressed skin.

The researchers at Advanced Nutrition Programme™ recommend their hydrating hero Skin Moisture Lock™ which features an expert synergy of hyaluronic acid with ceramides – another powerful moisture locking ingredient.

For those seeking a more convenient solution for on-the-go lifestyles, Skin Moisture IQ contains a daily dose of five supplements for super-charged hydration with a total of 36 ingredients to support skin hydration and overall skin health*. Each daily pod contains Skin Moisture Lock™, as well as Skin Omegas+, Skin Vit A+ and Skin Vitality. It is suitable for all skin types seeking added hydration and particularly recommended for those with dry skin, dehydrated skin, disturbed skin barriers and thinning skin.


Hyaluronic acid has a high turnover rate: it lasts 2-3 days in the skin and we break down about a third of our hyaluronic acid every day. Although our bodies replenish it naturally, the amount we make declines as we age. Levels typically start to drop after the age of 40, and some people over 60 may have no hyaluronic acid left in their skin at all. External factors can also deplete levels: pollution, smoking and alcohol can all lead to a drop in hyaluronic acid. To counteract these aging impacts, supporting the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels with supplements may be key to maintain youthful, plump, and glowing skin.

Feed the skin from within

Advanced Nutrition Programme™ explain wellness starts from within, and those in pursuit of dewy, youthful skin should look beyond the beauty cabinet to supercharge results.

With increasing evidence of its skin benefits, hyaluronic acid was a natural focus for the Advanced Nutrition Programme™’s researchers when it came to creating a supplement for skin health* and hydration.

“We’re always excited about new ingredient combinations for oral skincare and the wealth of research behind hyaluronic acid means it’s of particular interest to us,” says Lorraine Perretta, head of nutrition for the brand Advanced Nutrition Programme™.

“Oral supplementation with hyaluronic acid benefits skin all over the body, not just where the creams are applied. To get the best anti-ageing results you should be combining oral and topical hyaluronic acid to achieve 100% skincare”

Supplements should be incorporated as part of your skincare regime with your topical creams and cleansers to ensure you are treating the skin from the inside.

In conjunction with Skin Moisture Lock™ or Skin Moisture IQ, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ recommends Environ’s Intensive Hydrating Serum. Containing hyaluronic acid, targets a dry and dehydrated complexion. Delivering smoother and plumper skin. In addition, combining with supplements helps to achieve 100% skincare for beautiful, youthful-looking skin.


*Vitamin A contributes to the normal maintenance of skin