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Sustainability Haircare – Evo, a Revolution in Simplistic Haircare
Wed, Aug 11, 21

Sustainability Haircare – Evo, a Revolution in Simplistic Haircare

As Evo would say themselves, they are a ‘no bull’ haircare company, that keep transparency and sustainability at the forefront of their customer care, and product development. The importance of being honest with their customers is just as important to Evo as the ingredients in each wonderful product. Evo  is an up-and-coming company in Ireland, but, in its native Australia it is one of the top haircare brands available.

Evo are proud to state that they

  • Are free from sulfates, parabens, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol and gluten
  • Have no added useless filler ingredients or gimmicky label claims
  • Have the cruelty-free PETA accreditation and only test on humans
  • All bar *4 products are vegan

* crop strutters, cassius, box o’ bollox and shebang-a-bang contain animal bi-products

  • Use FSC (forest stewardship council) certified recyclable paper for their printed materials and hardwood for their brushes

And these are all added benefits, to a bevvy of beautiful products. Have a look at a few of their most popular items below.

Evo Fabuloso

Always a pleasure, never a chore, Evo Fabuloso are intensely pigmented, deeply conditioning colour treatments will revive your tired colour, or bring a new hue to your life. Be sure to use gloves when applying one of these, work it through your hair after shampooing and towel drying. Leave in for 3 minutes, rinse and enjoy your colour revamp!

Evo Happy Campers

You may notice a theme with the product names and descriptions, and that is to have fun, and not bombard the customer with nonsense, unnecessary filler ingredients. Reducing fillers means you receive a purer, more active product. Evo Happy Campers is all about enjoying the great outdoors, without your tresses paying the price, this leave in treatment will protect, rehydrate, and revamp your hair. It has UV protection, fights frizz, and speeds up your blowdry. Nice and easy to use, with lots of benefits.

Evo Root Canal Volumising Spray

Thankfully, this is a far more pleasant experience than its namesake! Great on all hair types, but loved especially by those with finer hair, Evo Root Canal Volumising Spray will take you to new heady heights of root lift, the spray nozzle allows for precise application. For added volume blow-dry your hair upside down on a medium heat. Finish with a blast of cold air.

Evo Macgyver Multi Use Mousse

A great addition to your hair kit, Evo Macgyver Multi Use Mousse will help you out of multiple sticky haircare situations. This can be used on wet hair to be heat styled or left to air dry to control and define your natural texture. If you are looking for longevity from your blowdry this little beauty has memory hold to increase and extend the life and bounce in your blow-dry. If you wish to defrizz and define your natural shape just scrunch Evo Macgyver Multi Use Mousse into wet hair for an easy, on the go, relaxed finish.


Evo Springclean Deep Clean Rinse

One styling issues that raises its ugly head time and time again is, product build-up which can have a negative effect on both the natural shape/curl, and condition of your lovely hair. Not everybody suffers with product build-up, but those who do really are best to use a product such as this to remove any barriers between your hair and the nourishment it needs. Evo Springclean Deep Clean Rinse is a colour safe cleanser will help to hydrate, define, and defrizz your curls, making them healthier and easier to style. Quick and simple to use, Evo Springclean Deep Clean Rinse is only to be used weekly to remove build-up and is not an everyday product.

We love bringing you new and exciting product ranges, and Evo does not disappointment, check our full range out here and see what no nonsense haircare suits you best.

Fiona O’Connor, Head Educator – Haircare Department