Spring Clean your Hair Care Routine
Fri, Apr 02, 21

Spring Clean your Hair Care Routine

I love a good Spring clean, refreshing and renewing your surroundings can give you just the boost you need after a long Winter of closed windows and woolly jumpers. So why not take the opportunity to stretch it out to your hair care products and equipment. Revive your self care routine and get your hair care in tip-top order by following these few helpful hints. 

Out With the Old 

We all have those products that we bought ages ago, used a handful of times, and then watched them slowly meander their way to the back of the cupboard. Reacquaint yourself with them, and be sure you are not doubling up with multiple products of the same kind. Gather any similar products together and before you make another step, check that they are still in date. Each product sold in the EU must have a 'use within' symbol on it, which looks like an open pot, or jar. Inside it you will see, for example 6M, 12M, 24M, this means once opened that particular product must be used within 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. After this point the product will either become ineffective, or even mutate where it have a negative affect on the hair and scalp. So, if it has been open since the year dot, don't feel guilty for disposing of it. 

By streamlining your hair care you will remind yourself of old favourites that have been laying idle, and, in my case at least, make room for more treats. 

Open Sesame

It is quite a regular occurrence for nozzles to become blocked, or product to become airlocked rendering it pretty useless. If you encounter a blocked nozzle, providing it is not an aerosol, run the nozzle under hot water to help soften the product and free the product. If safe to do so, use a tweezers to gently pluck out the blockage. 

A Good Scrub

As we brush our luscious manes, product, hair and dead skin cells become trapped and entangled in the bristles. If they are not cleaned away they can lead to oily hair, dull blow-dries, and, in worst case scenarios, scalp infections. Unpleasant, I know. As professionals, we clean/sterilise our brushes between each client, but at home it is just you so you probably don't need to be quite as cautious. The amount of hair fall, and product used daily, changes from person to person, and so will the frequency with which you wash them, but I would suggest every few times you use them.

Firstly, pull the loose hair from the brush by sliding the end of a pin-tail comb along the barrel of the brush and lifting it away, this will release the hairs from the bristles. Then use your hands to pull and pluck all the hair out of the brush. Once you have done this to all your brushes soak them in hot soapy water for 5-10 minutes. I tend to use shampoo to do this instead of soap as it works well to remove the product build-up, and smells really good. After they have been soaking, but before you rinse them, use a clean nail brush to scrub the brush all over, especially the bristles and barrel. Rinse well and put to one side on a clean dry towel. Leave them there to air dry, or use your hairdryer to dry them faster.

If you find a brownish product build up on your heated tools make sure the appliance is cool and unplugged. Use a warm damp (not wet) cloth to dissolve and remove any product residue, just don't be heavy handed as you don't want to damage the enamel coating on the plates or barrel. As always, water and electrical appliances don't mix well so always take care not to submerge or drench your hot tools and ensure they are completely dry before using again.

Vent It 

And finally, always keep the back vent of your hairdryer clear of dust and build-up. Using your dryer when this is blocked will shorten the lifespan of your appliance, cause it to overheat, and may even result in it catching fire. An unnecessary risk I think you'll agree. An overheating dryer will also cause long term damage to your hair through excessive heat exposure. It is super easy to avoid though, just keep a regular eye that the vent is not getting blocked. 

If it is blocked, unplug your dryer, remove the vent gently, and wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Dry it, all the while being careful not to damage the wire mesh. Return the vent to the hairdryer and double check it is securely in place. Doing this simple task can extend the life of your appliance by years.

I hope you can put these tips and tricks to good use, and as always, if you have any further questions please feel free to DM me on Instagram.

Fiona O'Connor - Head Educator, Haircare Department