The Perfect Haircare to Maintain Your Salon Style
Wed, May 12, 21

The Perfect Haircare to Maintain Your Salon Style

It has been a long wait for those of us dreaming of luxuriating in our favourite hair salons, and needless to say, our stylists will have their work cut out for them. As a stylist who would religiously rebook my clients every 6-8 weeks I know just how much work is in hand them, so let's help them as much as we can at home, and keep your new 'do' as healthy and radiant as possible.

Whether they lift you to bright blonde; take you back to a cute pixie cut; or style and shape your lockdown length; each client they care for will be looking to make the most of their fresh new style at home, in the easiest and best possible way. At Millies we have many remedies to protect your mane and enhance your style at home. The only time you'll hear me talking about masks here is hair masks. So, here are some of my favourite homecare suggestions for fabulous hair between salon visits.

If you have fallen in love with your long lockdown tresses keep split ends at bay with Kerastase Extentioniste. This range is specifically to look after the needs of long hair, offering protection from breakage, strengthening of the hair shaft, and lightweight but effective detangling. It also purifies the scalp and gives immense shine while supporting your hair from root to tip. The Kerastase Extentioniste Duo kit has you covered.

Shop the Kerastase Extentioniste Duo here.

You could be completely sick of your longer hair and go for a cute crop, or pixie cut, in which case you will need to recreate that nonchalant face framing perfection created by your stylist. For matte texture and a relaxed finish try Kevin Murphy Hair Resort, it is easy to use, adds heaps of body and texture, is paraben, sulphate, and cruelty free, won’t weight your hair down and to top it off, smells delicious.

Shop Kevin Murphy Hair Resort here.

For a sleek, sophisticated finish turn to NAK Amped Up Styling Gel which will provide a fresh, wet look finish to complement your new do. It works great in long hair too for slick roots, and is sulphate and paraben free, and vegan too.

Shop the NAK Amped Up Styling Gel here.

Have you brightened up your blonde? There is a wealth of products out there to maintain blonde hair at home, and frankly, it is a little confusing. So, here is a shortlist of some great remedies.

With hair colour and heat styling being so popular in today’s culture, especially fashion shades, it is important not to skip a vital step in your haircare routine, heat protection. Your heat protection should be as second nature to you as sunscreen. Redken One United All In One Hair Treatment might be a mouthful, but with good reason. It has 25 manageability and conditioning benefits for your hair, with everything from heat protection up to 210 degrees, and protection from external aggressors, to helping treat hair porosity, and static reaction. It also gives shine, detangles, and is extremally lightweight. Consider your heat protection like your SPF, something that should be in effect every day.

Shop Redken One United All In One Hair Treatment here.

If you would love to achieve that bouncy salon blow-dry finish at home, look no further than the Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser 2 in 1 Brush. This handy piece of kit is super easy to use, and helps to master the art of a voluminous, sexy hair from the comfort of your dressing table. For best results, section your hair as you style it and work from the back of your head through to the front.

Shop the Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser 2 in 1 Brush here.

There is nothing better than a good blow-dry that holds its shape for days, and still looks great first thing in the morning (spare a silent thought for all the stylists with tired arms at the moment). Extend the life of your stylist’s talents with dry shampoo at the root area, don’t let a little oil stand in the way of looking and feeling fabulous. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Light Hair and Dark Hair will refresh your roots, absorb oil, volumise your hair, and have your hair smelling like a Moroccan dream.

Shop the Light Hair and Dark Hair Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.

Finally, to prevent colour fade between salon visits, especially through the summer months, UV protection is a must. Kerastase’s Soleil Masque UV Defence encapsulates each strand of hair with a Photo-Defence Filter, enforces the hydrophobic barrier, and gives strength to your hair with ceramide, all while providing megawatt shine.

Shop the Soleil Masque UV Defence here.

A handful of these suggestions can help to extend the live of your colour, replace lost nutrients in your hair, rehydrate, prevent and repair damage, and recreate your salon style from the comfort of your own home. 

If you need any further advice, or have any haircare queries, please find me on's Instagram page and I'll be happy to help.

Fiona O'Connor