Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Vita Enriched Colostrum Gel

Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Vita Enriched Colostrum Gel

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Colostrum is an amazingly concentrated serum that helps to protect the skin from factors that effect the skin and can cause it to become sensitive. Colostrum contains colostrum from bovines along with a high concentration of antioxidants like green tea and vitamins C and E. Colostrum helps increase the skin resilience to free radicals allowing it to protect, soothe and soften the skin. This wonder product contains Lavender extract creating a calming effect when applying and creating a sense of well being.

How to use:

  • Apply Colostrum to the face and neck or on a specifically irritated or sensitive part of the skin after your pre-cleanse and cleansing/toning routine day and night.
  • Colostrum can be used at any stage of the environ skincare journey and does not need to be introduced gradually.
Professional Tip:

If the skin is particularly reactive or sensitive mix Colostrum and AVST Gel together every day and apply to help build up the skin's immunity and defence.
There is a short shelf life on this product due to the natural ingredients it contains. 
We would advise to purchase this item as needed. 

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