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Iconic London

Iconic London Triple Precision Brow Definer


A three-in-one brow pencil, fine-tip pen and spoolie brush for precise and trend-led brow styling.

Meet your all-in-one eyebrow hero. Whether you’re a brushed up and bushy kinda babe or you like sharper, more sculpted arches, Triple Precision Brow Definer is your complete brow wardrobe in ONE. Get ready to discover your best-ever brows.

What it is: A three-in-one brow defining tool, Triple Precision Brow Definer combines a micro brow pencil, an ultra-fine tip eyebrow pen and a spoolie brush – so you can get stunning salon-worthy brows at home… every single day.

What it does: Whether you’re wanting to build fullness, sculpt your arches or snatch your brows – Triple Precision Brow Definer is the one for you. The micro brow pencil is perfect for creating a super soft fullness to the brows while the brow pen is unreal at adding in natural-looking brow hairs where your natural hair is a little sparse. Plus, thanks to a clever temporary tattoo-effect dye, you can be safe in the knowledge that your brows aren’t going anywhere for up to 24-hours*. Get ready for your best ever brows, babe.

Key ingredients:

  • Temporary tattoo-effect dyes in the Brow Pen stick on the skin for long-wear, natural-looking brows that you don’t have to worry about AT ALL.
  • A special blend of waxes in the Eyebrow Pencil help to enhance natural colour adherence and ensure longevity.

How to use:

  • Prep using the integrated spoolie brush to comb through your brow hairs
  • Brush ‘em up to build fullness or comb them through for shape 
  • Softly define and add depth to your brows using the micro-brow pencil
  • Buildable colour for more intensity
  • Use the fine-tip marker pen to create expert hair-like strokes in the brow
  • Softly flick the pen in upwards motions to elongate your brow tail 
  • For a natural-looking, salon worthy finish, comb through your brow hairs once more with the spoolie brush, to ensure product is evenly distributed and blended – for an ultra-soft, fluffy-looking finish


Available in six natural-looking shades, choose from:

  • Blonde: for bombshells with warm undertones
  • Ash Blonde: for platinum babes with cool undertones
  • Cool Brown: for beaut brunettes with cool undertones
  • Chestnut Brown: for rich brunettes with warm undertones
  • Chocolate Brown: for dark-haired honeys with warm undertones
  • Black Brown: for deep brown and black haired babes with warm undertones

Filming copolymers in the Brow Pen allow its formula to feel ultra flexible, providing a comfortable, fast-drying action to the skin. No smudging or smearing here, babes.

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